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The present work is aimed at the thermoelastic interactions in a two dimensional homogeneous, transversely isotropic thermoelastic solids with two temperatures in the context of Green - Naghdi model of type-II due to time harmonic sources.  The Hankel transform has been employed to find the general solution to the field equations. Concentrated normal force , normal force over the circular region and   concentrated thermal source and thermal source over the circular region have been taken to illustrate the application of the approach. The components of displacements, stresses and conductive temperature distribution are obtained in the transformed domain. The resulting quantities are obtained in the physical domain by using numerical inversion technique. Numerically simulated results are depicted graphically. A comparison is made by showing the effect of two temperature, one temperature and anisotropy on the components of normal displacement, normal stress, tangential stress and conductive temperature.

Transversely isotropic
time harmonic sources
Hankel transform
concentrated and distributed sources.
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