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A simple, sensitive,fast and accurate spectrophotometric Turbidimetery method of analysis of   antibiotics in pharmaceutical dosage forms has been developed and validated. Unfortunately, usage of these methods in measuring an organic composition, especially in medicines has not been considered. In this method, the necessary and optimum conditions for measuring a antibiotics by using a mixture of reagents deposition of Cu2+ and tangesto phosphoric acid have been reported and to following that, the suggestion method of measuring a antibiotics in pharmaceutical production has been developed. The linear Dynamic range for Puromycin(A)is 2-25 ppm and for Pristinamycin(B) is 2.5 -24ppm .Detection limit for Puromycin(A)  is 1.5 ppm and Detection limit for Pristinamycin(B) is 1.6 ppm. This method is like that antibiotics which is a electron donor cause changing Cu2+ to Cu+ and Cu+ is made a sediment with Cl- and create a colloid and every 1 mol of antibiotic is made a mol of Cu+. In this study,the turbidance of homogenous CuCl producted from the above mentioned oxidation-reduction is proportional to concentration of antibiotic,and therefore,we developed an indirect simple,fast,and inexpensive turbidimetric method for the determination of antibiotics in pharmaceutical preparations. By measuring an CuCl , the content of existent antibiotics in pharmaceutical production has been calculated.

spectrophotometric; pharmaceutical dosage; tangesto phosphoric acid; electron donor; Turbidimetery
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