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There are several routes of drug administration like oral, trans-dermal, parenteral, rectal, ocular, introvaginal, nasal etc. Amongst them nasal drug delivery shows great impact. Extensive efforts have done to target a drug in a particular region of body for long period of time not only for local targeting of drugs but also for control release of drug from delivery system. Many nasal formulations have reported till now with improved bioavailability. However, the major limitation with nasal route administration is the poor contact of the formulations with the nasal mucosa due to mucoceliary clearance. Many attempts have been done in the recent past to increase the residence time of drug formulations in the nasal cavity, resulting in improved nasal drug absorption by using mucoadhesive polymers. A variety of polymers has been used for the development of nasal formulation. Uses of natural polymers for development of drug delivery systems are the foremost priority of the researchers from recent past.The pharmaceutical researchers are moving towards the development of drug delivery system by using natural polymers. These efforts are done to maximize their bio-availability and patient protection by minimizing toxic effect which is highly associated with synthetic polymers. This review focuses on the various natural mucoadhesive polymers that have been used and showed a potential for muscoadhesion in to nasal cavity.

Nasal drug delivery system
Natural polysaccharide
Mucociliary clearance
Nasal cavity
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