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Granted that antibiotics form a major part of drugs used in the management of osteomylitis, there is a crucial need for the
rational use of such drugs to maximize benefits and at the same time minimize common side effects from such drugs.
This work, therefore, aimed at studying the prescription pattern to see if it is in line with accepted principle for antibiotic
therapy. Prescriptions made on patient’s folders within a period of eight years (from January 2005 to December 2012)
were assessed retrospectively. By the permission of the hospital authority, the folders of 2400 patients who suffered from
osteomyelitis within the stipulated period of 8 years were assessed, and the data on prescription pattern were analyzed. A
huge amount of prescriptions were made without laboratory investigations to confirm the infecting organism. Some
prescriptions did not have adequate dose regimens, and some others were not considered best for the infecting organisms.
However, a few prescriptions were considered rational and adequate following the accepted principles for antibiotic
therapy. A rational use of antibiotics is very crucial in the effective management of osteomylitis. This is due to the fact
that bacteria are largely implicated in this health condition. Adequate use of this group of drugs entails having a broad
knowledge of their properties, indication, and mechanisms of action. Physicians and pharmacists are therefore called to
always abide by the accepted principles for antibiotic prescription and use.

antibiotic therapy
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