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More than 85% of the total global burden of epilepsy is found in population of low- or middle-income countries. In the vast majority of these are African countries that however are less equipped to handle this disease and especially in his surgical component. Until recently the epilepsy surgery was been considered as treatment using expensive technology and therefore reserved for developed countries. Currently programs of this treatment are becoming common in Brazil, China and India. It is also introduced in many other developing countries including those in North Africa.

In sub-Saharan Africa, epilepsy surgery is still very little practiced. This literature review aims to address some results of the practice of epilepsy surgery in emerging and developing countries in general. In the other hand, to describe what is the practice of this surgery in the sub- Saharan African countries and exploresolutionsproposed in literature to startthissurgery inlow-income countries.

Epilepsy - Developing countries- Sub-Saharan Africa - surgical treatment
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