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Managing chronic disabling diseases is the main contribution of Ayurveda to the society. People mainly come in the shelter of Ayurveda when all other measures tried by them failed. More than 60% of total cases coming to Ayurvedic physician are of neuromuscular type having pain as main symptom. Pain, stiffness and restriction of range of movement are the complaint of every third patient coming to O.P.Ds. Before coming to Ayurveda mostly patient have been taken analgesics and even steroids (oral as well as intra-articular) for long duration, deranging their pain threshold and worsening the inflammation. Managing such conditions is really a hard task and when such conditions are worsens by the complicity of other dreaded diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stroke etc. then the condition is really challenging. In this paper one such case is discussed in which patient was distressed by the pain and restricting movements of joints so that performing even small daily tasks are impossible for her. Treatment of such painful condition without aid of any analgesic with simple bandaging of anti-inflammatory herbs is really appreciable. The paper also gives the details of method employed and material required for Upnaha Svedana. 

Upanaha Svedana
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