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In this present work ,we  wish to report the  antimicrobial efficiency by silver nanoparticles from  the plant extract of  Syzygium aromaticum under atmospheric conditions through green synthesis. A systematic characterization of silver nanoparticles was performed using UV, SEM,TEM and antimicrobial studies. After exposing the silver ions to ginger extract, rapid reduction of silver ions is observed leading to the formation of silver nanoparticles in solution. UV–VIS spectrum of the aqueous medium containing silver nanoparticles showed absorption peak at around 417 nm. SEM and TEM studies show the high density silver nanoparticles with size range within 20 nm.The antibacterial studies of so obtained silver nnaoparticles against bacterial and fungal pathogens prove as an alternative for the development of new antimicrobial agents to combat resistance problem.

Silver nanoparticles ; green Synthesis; UV
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