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This paper deals with the experimental investigations carried out to study the feasibility of using laterite soil to produce stabilized earth blocks. A mix ratio of 1:6 was used to prepare the earth blocks. Totally 72 blocks were cast with cement and fly ash as  stabilizers  and the conventional fine aggregate is replaced by percentage laterite soil by 0%,20%,40%,60%,80% &100%. Curing was done by sprinkling water on the specimens. 36 blocks were tested for compressive strength and 36 blocks were used for water absorption test. Test results indicated that the compressive strength of blocks with 100% laterite soil and cement is 4.17 N/mm2 which satisfies the Class 30 grade as specified in IS 1725: 1982. Water absorption test results also reveals that blocks made with laterite soil shows less water absorption. Hence laterite content is found to be suitable to produce earth blocks and hence can be recommended for building construction.

Laterite soil
Earth blocks
Fly ash
Compressive strength
Water absorption
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