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Simple, rapid, sensitive and economical spectrophotometeric procedures for the determination of anticholinergic drug Biperiden hydrochloride (Bi-HCl) in bulk sample, dosage form and in spiked urine samples have been investigated. The suggested procedures are based on the formation of a yellow colored ion-associates due to the interaction between the examined drug Bi -HCl with Picric acid (PA), Bactophenol red(BPR), alizarin red(AR), bromothymol blue( BTB) reagents. A suitable buffer solution has been used and the extraction was carried out using chloroform, the ion associates exhibit absorption maxima at 415, 410, 430 and 420 nm for PA, BPR, AR and BTB respectively. (Bi -HCl) can be determined up to 35, 52, 90 and 42.5 μg mL-1, respectively. Moreover, the
optimum reaction conditions for quantitative analysis were carefully investigated. The molar absorptivity and Sandell sensitivity were determined of the investigated drug. The correlation coefficient was ≥ 0.995 (n =6) with a relative standard deviation (RSD) ≤ 0.65 for five selected concentrations of the reagents. Therefore the concentration of Bi - HCl drug in its pharmaceutical formulation and spiked urine samples has been determined successfully.

Biperiden hydrochloride
picric acid
bactophenol red
alizarin red
bromothymol blue
pharmaceutical analysis
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