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This paper deals with development of efficient and effective techniques for fuel/energy conservation in iron foundries. The authors conducted series of experimental investigations on a self-designed and developed 200kg LDO fired rotary furnace installed in a foundry.


Initially the furnace was operated as under existing conditions. The specific fuel consumption was 0.415 liters/kg and energy consumption was 4.110 kwh/kg. The technique of oxygen enrichment and reducing combustion volume was applied. Initially the 6.9% oxygen enrichment of 75% of theoretically required air,  and later on 7.5-8.5% oxygen enrichment of  60-65% of theoretically required air was done which  lead to specific fuel  consumption of 0.208 liters/kg and specific energy to 2.0403 kwh/kg. This effective technique significantly reduced specific fuel and energy consumption by 53.855% and 53.863% respectively


The modeling and  regression analysis of oxygen consumption per heat has been carried out.The average and percentage variations between experimentally investigated and calculated values of fuel consumption are within acceptable range of±5% hence are acceptable.

Rotary furnace
Excess air percentage
Preheated air temperature
Oxygen enrichment
Mat lab
Energy consumption.
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