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During the coagulation of the blood is important the age of the clot, because the fibrin mesh becomes more compact. Is important the doses and reperfusion time to resolve it. In this research a new microplasmina in pure fibrin clots, fibrinolytic effect was compared using different ratios times, doses and Ph, for a progressive and constant in vitro lytic activity. We used different times with constant pH and doses, constant time but variations of pH and doses, constant pH and different time and doses.

Microplasmin was provided by Agustin Joison. The biological activity is a 25 UI/ml, the final protein concentration was 0.02 mg. The activity was measured at pH 7 and 6. The microplasmin activity produces a uniform degradability of clot. There is not difference of activity either pH 7 or pH 6. The size of the fibrin being reduced from 2 cm. up to 0.2 cm.

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