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To investigate the effect of Nomaphila stricta(Family: acanthaceae) root extracts on diabetic related atheroclerosis.  Different extracts such as Hexane (HETB), Chloroform (CETB), Ethyl acetate (EETB), Aqueous (AETB) at the dose of 200mg/kg were administered to high fat diet associated with alloxan induced diabetic hyperlipidemic rats. It was found that the root extracts significantly reduce the Total cholestrol, LDL, VLDL levels and significant increase in HDL Levels. Aqueous extract of Nomaphila stricta root extracts, have more significant activity on reducing the Total cholestrol, LDL,VLDL levels and significantly increase in HDL Levels. Histopathology results also proves that there is a less accumulation of lipids in the walls of the arch of aorta in aqueous extract.

High fat diet.
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