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Project management team, led by a project manager, consists of various professionals and consultants, contractors and artisans, all carrying out responsibilities in order to accomplish project tasks. A successful shutdown of a given project will depend, among other factors, on the project manager’s ability to successfully coordinate the multidisciplinary characteristics of a given enterprise. This work examines the role of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in coordinating the project team to successful shutdown of the World Bank urban low-income housing project at Aba, Umuahia and Owerri towns. The work is an action research based on the author’s participation all through the project life cycle as it affects the project unit. Flaws were identified in preference to use matrix organisation for such huge project, top management usurpation of opportunities and lack of knowledge of pure project management. Recommendations such as using pure project organisation, allowing project staff to complete assignment, sending the right personnel for training and solving the problem of agency tardiness were made.

implementation unit
project shutdown
project organisation.
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