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A comparative study was conducted on the progression of the learners with phases in early elementary classes through Formative and Summative Evaluation based on the Primary Curriculum in West Bengal.This experimental study was done in Barasarsa Adivasi Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalayain Pandua Block in Hooghly district without reflecting the content, the compulsory or elective status of the subjects or the length of time for which the subjects were studied. The Assessments consisted of a range of multiple-choice and free-response questions. For the multiple-choice questions, students were asked to choose the best answer from the four possible options. For the free response questions, students were asked to write the answers in the boxes provided. The questions were carefully graded to cater to a wide range of student abilities using contexts that stimulate students' interest and engage their attention. Students at all levels of competency stood to benefit from participation in the competitions. The assessed skills are embedded in the syllabus documents of all the key learning areas and are meant to be taught in context.

assessed skills
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Hooghly district.
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